At Shengjing Mountain we use traditional Chinese martial arts training methods. The training will develop both your internal and external Kung Fu, which in turn will teach you how to balance your body and mind. This balancing of internal and external is the ultimate goal of training.


      The training includes both external and internal training to create a well rounded martial artist. The core focus of the training is on forms and applications. The forms are a set pattern of moves that teach various Kung Fu moves and skills. Then in the application class, students learn how to use the moves from the forms. To aid with their Kung Fu studies students will also do running, stretching and calisthenics. Finally, internal training comes in the form of Tai Chi and Qigong. In sum, this training works both body and mind both externally and internally.

When teaching Master Qu will assess each student and adapt his teaching to meet the needs of each student. This helps to bring out the best in each student and allows them to learn at a pace that best suits them. He has developed and refined his teaching methods from his many years of teaching experience.