Master Qu started to learn Martial arts in his childhood. After over twenty years of hard work, he started to mark his own name by teaching what he had learned from his masters. While training, he had opportunities to follow his masters and take part in many competitions. In these competitions he won may gold medals for the different styles of Kung Fu he had been studying. While taking part in these activities he found that many foreigners were interested in Chinese martial arts and culture. It is now his dream to share these skills, with his international students.


So the dream of opening his own martial arts school began to form. He discussed his ideas with his master, and was given a positive response. He then needed a place to to make his dream come true. When he traveled to Shengjing mountains in Weihai. This beautiful environment and fresh air called to him, he then found out that this is the birthplace of Taoism and Quanzhen. So he decided to set up his school here.


After several months of preparation and help from his master and friends he was able to open his school. When the school opened he was able to teach in away that allowed his students to flourish with both internal and external training. Since opening, the school has trained students from all over the world. Most of these students have made their dreams of learning Kung Fu come true though a strict training regimen. From their dedicated training many students have excelled beyond there expectations, this has been with the quality of their Kung and Fu and physical performance.