Chinese martial arts can be divided rather conveniently into two categories Neijia(内家) and Waijia(外家). This division serves only to highlight what form of training the style places particular emphasis on. The Neijia school practises the use of Neijing(内葝), otherwise known as ‘internal strength’ and their practise focuses on the training of the spirit, mind, awareness and Qi. The three main internal styles are Taichi, Baguazhang and Xingyiquan.

Understandably the concepts mentioned above are rather abstract and difficult to grasp, this goes for foreigners and Chinese alike. Nevertheless our masters are well suited to guiding you along the path of self-discovery which the practise of any internal art lays before you.

Unlike practising an external art, one needs to understand the moves being taught at a deeper level. It is only through the synchronisation of your own movements, feelings, breathing and intent that mastery of a move can be achieved, hence why it is a much more subjective experience. However despite the ambiguity that accompanies Neijia arts, our masters will provide the best possible tools to discover your own path.

Despite often being considered as ‘soft’ styles, some of the greatest masters in the history of China have been Neijia practitioners. When practised correctly and fully developed they become extremely powerful and effective systems, not just in the context of self-defence but also extending to one’s personal and psychological health. This sense of balance which these arts will bring, will undoubtedly lead to a greater sense of harmony and synchronicity with one’s centre.

Conversely Waijia puts more emphasis on training the body itself and tends to be characterised by explosive power and rapid movements. The external styles are what we in the West often consider to be Chinese Kung Fu. It is also worth noting that the definitive number of external styles in China is almost innumerbale, given that each family may have their own variation of a particular school of kungfu.

The Waijia styles currently practised at our school are Shaolin, Taichi Plum Blossom Praying Mantis Fist and Sanda. The students who choose to pursue one of the external styles at our school will be pushed physically due to the rigorous conditioning and dedication demanded by these styles. That being said these styles are accessible to anybody who arrives in good health.

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