Shenjing Shan

Region-Shenjing Shan

Shengjing Mountain which lays on the surface of Xi Yu village, Gejia, Wen Deng, Weihai City, Shandong Province of China, it is less than 10 kilometers away from downtown Gejia.

It is also a scenic spot of the mountain where you can see the stretching peaks, green pine covered mountains, plains contiguous with the Yellow  Sea and a lake winding around the mountains. All of this forms a beautiful landscape perfect for training.

Shengjing Mountain is like a daughter to Kunyu Mountain, the first mountain of Jiaodong peninsula, which is mythically believed to be the home of fairies.

As the cradle of the Quanzhen branch of Taoism, Shengjing Mountain is also famous for its rich religious culture. At the top of the mountain there stands a large, tall and upright stone. It is like the new moon, which has a 15.6 meter length, and a height of 6 meters. Engraved into it is a transcription of the Tao Te Jing (a scripture of Taoism) which has a total of 146 lines, over five thousand characters, every character being 10 centimeters in length. Most of the characters are in Yan Zhenqing’s style of writing and in regular script. Few of them are in Wei style.

Therefore the folks of this province call it Shengjing  Mountain.

Shengjing Mountain distant view (Photos from  movie "an end to killing")