Birth place of taoism

Region-Birth place of taoism

The springing up of Shengjing Mountain was from Jin Dynasty. It recorded that Wang Chongyang who is a military officer very admired Taoist. He threw out his office title and his family to travel a long trip on the boats from west city xianyang, shanxi province. Finally he arrived at Shengjing  Mountain. From then on, He started his preach. That was Jin da ding seven years.(A.D.1167)

He found there had Stone altar  Gardens and kitchen ranges which were made of elixir of life. So he thought it was not an ordinary place, so he determined to look for the original, then he knew it was tomb of hierarch Donghua King . There really was a treasure place. So he looked this place as his base area of Taoist.

He taught Ma Danyang、Qiu Chuji、Tan Churui、Liu Chuxuan、Wang Chuyi、Hao Datong、Sun Buer step by step, they were known by “North Seven Immortal’, They set up foundation of Chinese Taoist Quanzhen.

Immortals enchased the big inscriptions on precipices of the huge stone. It was Tao Te Ching. They also gave a form name to this mountain, Shengjing Mountain. At the same time, they repaired twenty palaces, including san qing dian、san guan dian, and gave those palaces a new name, it was Donghua Palace.

During yuan dynasty, quan zhen grew up quickly, it has high reputation. The king confered titles, militaries and civil officers all worshiped, it began to be a real shrine of Huaxia, prosperous area.