Weihai situated on the east of Shandong peninsula. With the sea on three sides, north of it opposites with Liaoning peninsula, east of it across the sea from Korean peninsula and Japanese Islands, West of it borders on Yantai and Qingdao.

Weihai alias Weihaiwei, it means commanding sea area and territory. It is the nearest city toJapanandKoreafrom china.

Weihai is a clean and peace city with filling flowers and trees. So it is elected one of the most suitable for human habitation city from all over the world.

Base on its outstanding nature environment and effective management, it also got many other honors.

  • Weihai became the first batch of coastal open cities in 1984;
  • Weihai was voted the first coastal open city in 1990;
  • Weihai was named national garden city in 1996;
  • Weihai was voted the National Forest  City in 2009;

It also was called the snow nest because it has special coast snowing view. And this year, weihai just got a new honor, one of the most beautiful 100 cities in the world.

Weihai has some famous scenic spots. For example, red hill of Shidao was celebrated because of hero, Zen, Sea Lilt, holy land. Tianwujintou was the east of Cape of Good Hope. The First Emperor of Qin cruised here before two thousands years ago. The Northern Navy Admirals house was the only keeping well military yamun of Qing dynasty. Shengjing Mountain was the original area of china Taoist and Quanzhen. Chishan Fahuayuan welded the friendships of Japanese、Korean、Chinese.

Liugongdao is a birthplace of the first Beiyang navy force of china. It is an ancient battlefield of the First Sino-Japanese War. So we call it unsinkable battlewagon.

Nowadays, there built up a museum of the First Sino-Japanese War on this island, Including a huge shipboard artillery which was salvaged out of the sea, it is the only one over 20 ton in the world.

Once being the base of the Northern Navy as well as the battle field of the war, there are 28 historical sites in the island including the Northern Navy Headquarters, Dragon King Temple, Ding Ruchang’s Residence, the Navy school, fort and dock, all of which are designated “national major preservation unit of cultural relics”.

Chen shan tou is called east of Cape of Good  Hope. It was located the east of china coastline. It likes a huge dragon stretching to the sea. It is the earliest place where we can enjoy the beautiful sunrise. It also is one of the most beautiful seaboards in china.