Wendeng is situated east of Shandong peninsula,borders upon Muping, Yantai province and Rushan city, east of Kunyu mountain, connect to south of Huancui, Weihai city, west of Rongchen city, and north of Yellow sea.

Wendeng has a long historical standing, the name of Wendeng is from the story about First Emperor of Qin coming here and calling scholar together to go climbing Wen Shan. It has been the history over one thousand and four hundreds years, and is one of ancient counties in Jiaodong peninsula.

Wendeng has one hundred and fifty six kilometers coastline, five hot springs and National forest park kunyu mountain, provincial forest park Tianfu mountain; Taoist holy land shengjing mountain, Lilong’s hometown huilong mountain. It is calledChinahot spring city, Chinese longevity city, the most beautiful regimen habitat, the best leisure town, international coast regimen city.

Nearby the mountain and the sea, Wendeng has a plenty of beautiful landscapes and historic places. The Kunyu Mountain which is called the ancestors of Fairy Mountain not only has special scent but also is the original place of Taoist and Quanzhen. On the top of shengjing Mountain, Engraved into it is a transcription of the Tao Te Jing (a scripture of Taoism) which has over six thousand characters. There also have seven immortals temple、Donghua Palace、BaiYu Table、Caoyang Cave、Yanxia Cave which all were Taoist historical remains and built up on Jin and Yuan dynasty.

Wen shan is another great tour spot, it is located on east of city. First Emperor of Qin came here and called scholars together discussed exploits and paied a tribute to achievements in A.D 219. So descendants called this mountain Zhao Wen Tai. There also have some view spots, such as Qin Miao、Xiao Guan South sea tourism resort、North sea tourism resort、Tian Fu Shan revolution uprising tourism spot. With pleasant enviroments and well-equipped, it is a good place for the summer holidays and recuperating.