Students feedback

Anne dela Cruz, 27, Belgium

  First of all, I’m really grateful to have been able to study for a month at Shengjing Shan Academy with Master Qu and my fellow students.

  Before my arrival, back home, I felt like I needed some space for personal reflection and restoring my inner balance. Since I’ve always been keen on sports and physical exercise, coming to China to learn Kung Fu seemed like a perfect way to do this. After looking into different Kung Fu schools, I chose to come to Shengjing Shan Academy because of all its positive reviews from former students. And I must say, after my one month stay, all of these positive comments turned out to be true. I immediately felt at ease, thanks to the nice atmosphere and training with Master Qu, it was a great first experience to learn Chen Tai ji, Qi Gong, Sanda and Mantis. Thanks to Master Qu I have managed to improve my body condition, flexibility and control, but most of all my internal enerqy flow. I would highly recommend this place to anyone. You’ll definitely get out of it what you’ve been looking for. Well at least I did.

  With warm regards and thanks to Master Qu, David, Elliot, Jack, Nick and Simone

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