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William Oliver: 29 USA

  I so much to say about Shengjing Shan Martial arts Academy that it is hard to write anything at all. 

     I have attended this school for a little over 2 years, and it has truly become a place I call home.

  Our school is small by the standards of most kungfu schools in China, and it was exactly what I was looking for when I took on this extended journey. I have watched over 80 students come and go through these halls. Each person brought with them a fresh view on life, new stories and great company. I now feel that my family extends to every corner of the globe through the relationships I have made, and it is important to know this aspect of the school was not the best part.

  When I first met Master Qu, it was at another kungfu academy in Shandong Province, around 7 years ago. I did not study under him during this time, but I made many friends who trained in his Bagua and Mantis classes. When I left that

  school, I realized that I wanted to pursue further training in Chinese martial arts. After completing the traditional schooling I had already begun before coming to China, I was able to begin working full time with the intention of saving as much as possible to return. It was when I began to look at which school to attend, that I heard of Shengjing Shan Academy from a student I had met previously. I was ecstatic to hear the Master Qu had started his own school and not only were the training classes small, but there would be familiar faces. Obviously this was exactly what I was looking for since it has taken me 2 years to finally leave.

  Master Qu is a fantastic teacher in many ways. He understands the need for application, theory and demonstrative practice to be properly explained.I feel as though he succeeds in finding the middle ground between instructing and allowing the student to discover.

  I have met many students, especially beginners, who have found only frustration in their practice because of a Master's desire to make their Martial art seem nebulous or mystical. Many Masters are stuck to old mentalities, where the repetition is what will give them all the answers they seek. Master Qu takes a much more modern take on teaching. He understands that no matter what level of skill you come to his school with, that martial arts should not seem beyond a veil or out of reach. He understands that students learn at different speeds and will adapt his instruction. He will still tell you that practice is the most important thing you can do to hone your skills, but he also understands that in this day and age, time to do so may be difficult to come by in our everyday lives; so it is intention, thoughtfulness and discipline that will connect every one of those practices into the ladder you will climb to reach new levels. Students have come for week, or months, or years, and everyone single one has been changed by what they learned through Master Qu's teachings. He has become a great friend and mentor to me in my time here.

  The school's surrounding areas is gorgeous.It's planted right at the base of a mountain range that extends behind and to the sides, but from the window you can see for kilometers over fruit orchards and villages. If your looking for an escape from city life this is the place. Just don't expect silence between the thriving nature and daily life for the locals.

  It is with much love for this school, the students it has brought into my life, and Master Qu, that I recommend it to anyone who desires to learn and better themselves. Whether you plan to come to do something new, or are trying to hone your martial arts skills, you will not regret coming to Shengjing Shan.

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