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Marcus Rexwall, 28 years old, Sweden

  Marcus Rexwall, 28 years old, Sweden -

  This is the third Kung Fu School I’ve been to in China, and by far the best.

  The Kung Fu School is located next to a scenic spot, under a mountain so there is a really nice view. The school facility is in a former hotel, so the quality of the rooms are high by Chinese standards and they are also very spacious.

  The food is very nice, and there is a lot of variety in the diet, as a vegetarian myself, I have no problem keeping that diet here, as there will be a lot of vegetarian dishes served. But as with all Chinese food, the cousine will be rich in oil, salt and suger.

  The number of students per class are very few, which gives you a lot of time to spend with the Shifus so you can ask them question and they can correct you, at the time of writing there are two Shifus, and less than 10 students per Shifu.

  The headmaster for the school is very easy going and he encourages a family atmosphere at the school, during class hours you need focus and disicpline but after you can share jokes, ask questions and just generally have a good time.

  The training is very good, and diverese, in the schedule there is taichi/qigong, conditioning, massage class, mountain running, power streching and power workouts that you do regardless of which style you choose to practice, and the shifus are really masters in their arts.

  You will also enjoy a lot of freedom, during the weekend, when there are no classes, you can explore the nearby mountains, go to the village or even visit other cities for a few days, as long as you are back before the 20:30 curfew.

  There is also a commonroom where you and your classmates can watch movies together, the average age here seems to be around 28ish, but if you are older or have some specific need, they will be taken into consideration and be catered to aswell.

  I gives this Kung Fu School 10/10 and I wish I had had the opportunity to stay for more than 1 month.

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