Master Qu

  Master Qu is 42 years old now. He was born in Yan Tai the origin of “Mantis” Kung fu. He is an eighth Generation Tai Chi Plum Palm and sixth Generation Yin Style Ba Gua Zhang. Master Qu has reached his 6th Duan in Chinese Martial Arts.

  He began studying Plum Shuai Shou Mantis Style from Master Xu Wanlong when he was 10 years old. After a decade of hard work and effort, he became proficient in plum mantis style. But he felt that he has not fulfilled yet with the skills he learned and the expertise he needed to possess, so he persistently continued to learn and discover Tai Chi plum Mantis style from Master Zhang Bindou, the famous Mantis Master in China. From then on, he received several first-place awards in international and national Kung Fu competitions.

  Determined to learn more about Kung Fu principles and thirsty to become a master himself, he went to Beijing and followed the steps of his 3 famous masters, Wang Sang Zhi of Yin style Ba Gua Zhuang, Wang Xuan Jie of Da Chen fist and Zhang Guang Yu of Hun Yuan Gong.

  From a well-disciplined, hardworking and determined Kung Fu student, at the age of 28, he started to mark his own name by teaching what he had learned from his masters. With decade of the all the teachings, experiences and principles of Kung Fu, he now has his own style or special method to share and help his students to learn progressively in a short period of time. His students are from different parts of the world like Denmark, United States, Indonesia, Germany and more. Successfully, they are all getting excellent performances and awards in Kung Fu competitions, which have taken place in Dalian and Yantai.

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