Master Si Yan Kong

  Master Shi Yan Kong is a 34th generation monk of Shaolin Temple. He joined the Shaolin Temple when he was 10 years old. During his training, he mastered traditional shaolin kung fu as well as modern martial arts,18 weapons and 12 Xiangxing fists (animal fists).

  In 2004, he had been invited by the China Culture Department to take part in the Africa cultural exchange and to teach kung fu.

  In 2005, he was sent to teach shaolin kung fu in Hongkong, during that time, he attended the shaolin kung fu competition and got first place in shaolin sword form.

  He was the martial arts coach for < Story of a Journey to the West > in Guiyang city, China in 2006.

  He also directed the martial arts choreography for < The Pilgrimage to the West > held in Manchester England in July, 2007 as well as in Chatelet Opera House in October and in Charleston.

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