Master Lu

Like most great martial artists Master Hao began practising kungfu during his childhood.

  Born in Qixia city he is a Shandong native and embodies the essence of its kung fu. Since his teenage years he has consistently involved himself in competitions wherever he went and in 2009 he was admitted to study at the prestigious Tianjin University of Sport, majoring in kungfu. Like many modern day masters Master Hao blends the traditional elements of Chinese kung fu with contemporary sports science and nutrition.

  In 2011 he was admitted to the Chinese martial arts committee and was awarded the "Green Tiger Shoulder Sash" for his contribution to Chinese kungfu. His goal as a shifu at Shengjing Shan is to help reshape and reintroduce kung fu to the Western world, so that in years to come it will have the same standing as Athletics, Gymnastics and Kickboxing both in China and abroad.

  Below you will find a brief list of just some of his accolades:

  2006- 2nd place in the Hope Cup Sanda Championship, Shandong Province.

  2007 -1st place in the China Mobile Sanda Championship Cup.

  2010- 3rd place in the Tianjin City Sanda Championship.

  2011- 2nd place in the Chinese National Sports College Championships.

  2011- Personally requested to perform at the Tianjin Xinhua opening ceremony. 2012- 1st place in the Tianjin City Shangwu Sanda Championship.

  2013- Acted as a senior judge for Tianjin teenagers Sanda championship winning the honorary prize of "Excellent judge".

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