Students feedback

Connor Steven Rogers 23. USA.

銆銆Since I live and work in Shanghai I only had a little over a week to spend at Master Qu's Shengjingshan Kung Fu Academy. I wish I had more time and I intend on returning to study Kung Fu more intensely next time. The school, the Shifus, and the students are all very accommodating and welcoming. The comradery here is inspiring, the living quarters are more than adequate, the meals are satisfying and delicious, the surrounding area is breathtaking, and the training sessions are fulfilling whether it's physical conditioning or forms. I'm pleased with what I managed to learn in a week and seeing the other students' skills of a month or more is amazing and speaks to the quality of instruction here at Shengjingshan.

Shengjing Shan Shaolin Traditional Kung Fu Academy

Are you looking for a Shaolin kung fu school in China that teaches traditional Chinese martial arts and Chinese culture? Our training school atShengjing Mountaincompletes your search.

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