Students feedback

Manuela Heilmann

  Name: Manuela Heilmann

  Age: 25

  Nationality: German

  The experience at Shenjing Shan Kung Fu Academy has been the best for a variety of reasons.

  First of all Shifu Qu is a perfect teacher, very attentive and has a great way of guiding each student individually according to their ability and progress. Also the variety of training is amazing, it’s a very holistic approach that does not only take great care of your body but also your mind and spirit.

  And the people that work or train at the school just make this whole experience even more enjoyable. Furthermore the school is located in a beautiful place, close to the mountains and nature where you can go and get lost in your free time. Oh, and the food is just delicious and provides you with everything you need for training.

  Basically I found everything and even more than what I was looking for and am very grateful to everyone involved.

  I would love to come back for a longer time for sure!

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