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Raúl B. Gutiérrez

  Hello everyone,

  My Name is Raúl Gutiérrez (古 洪), and I am from the United States of America. I am sixty-four years old and I am an aficionado when I comes to martial arts. Currently, I have been taking classes for several years in my hometown of Mission Viejo, a city in the state of California. While I am writing this statement, I am attending Shen Jing Shan for the first time. Thankfully, I am able to share my first time experience with my eldest son, who trained under Master Qu back in 2012. Due to my eldest son praising and glorifying Master Qu’s training, I decided to come to this school and train with Master Qu. As of right now, I am grateful that I took the opportunity to come to Shen Jing Shan because of all the positive experiences: the masters, the students, the exercises, and the environment.

  One of my positive experiences concerns both the Masters (Master Qu and Master Chen) as well as the students. At the Shen Jing Shan Academy, both the Masters and my classmates are very supportive. Typically, there is a tendency in which only the Masters are supportive and provide moral support; however, the Shen Jing Shan Academy is different. The Shen Jing Shan Academy has not only warm-hearted, sympathetic Masters, but it has kindhearted, thoughtful classmates as well. Neither the Masters nor the students hesitate when it comes to re-teaching me moves, correcting my stances or postures, and explaining the applications of the different moves. As a result of the Masters and my classmates being polite and helpful to me, it not only warms my heart but it assures me that I am in a benevolent community.

  A second positive experience involves the exercises. At the academy, the students and I routinely go on runs, do calisthenics, and go on hikes. Not only do we do cardio-related exercises, we practice the moves that are being taught by Master Chen. As a person that lives an active, fit life, I am pleased with the workouts that we do. While exercising at the academy, I can just feel all the calories burning.

  The third positive experience is the environment. First and foremost, the location is excellent. Master Qu has picked the perfect location for this school. The school is surrounded by open wilderness and fresh air. Most importantly, as stated by the Masters: “The school has been built on a sacred ground, next to a temple, and nearby an attractive national park which proudly displays a beautiful scenery to visitors and to its residents.” On top of the great location, just the fact that I am studying in China, the birthplace of Shaolin Kung Fu, makes everything better. By being at the Shen Jing Shan Academy, I am able to learn a martial arts style that has been passed down from generation to generation by the Chinese people.

  Overall my experiences at the Shen Jing Shan Academy have been positive. While studying at the Shen Jing Shan Academy, I was able to learn an important lesson. I learned that there is no age limit to practice Shaolin Kung Fu. I am confident that without the Masters and my classmates being supportive, I would have not figured out this lesson.

  Best regards and keep up the good work!!

  Raúl B. Gutiérrez

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