Students feedback

Aaron Buttle, 42 years old, from the United Kingdom

  Aaron Buttle, 42 years old, from the United Kingdom, and

  Ashton Buttle, 16 years old, from the United Kingdom.

  Duration of stay 3 weeks.

  Dear Master Qu,

  Following the completion of our training at your school I’d like to thank you for the time, energy, and effort afforded to Ashton and I during our time training with you.

  We’ve enjoyed every aspect of our stay, and have learned some forms and skills that we can take home and utilise for the rest of our lives, and also techniques and applications that we will add to our ongoing training at home.

  I’m very happy with the progress we have made and the new skills that we will take home with us, it feels like we have gained a lot from what in martial arts terms is a very short visit.

  I’ve also enjoyed the physical challenge and pushing myself to do more and be better at each training session. It’s also been rewarding that we’ve been pushed and encouraged to suceed and progress but also recognised when a short rest was necessary! Ashton has also taken a lot out of his stay, he has a complete Mantis form, he moves better, has better form and now appreciates that good form and technique provide power.

  The food was of a very good standard and always plenty available, the accommodation provided was also of a good standard and both were conducive to our learning, the location and surrounding is nothing short of breathtaking and a peaceful environment ideal to learn in.

  The other students already studying when we arrived were very welcoming, helpful and friendly and helped us massively in joining in with the school and everything else locally, and they have provided both help and encouragement in every aspect of our stay, for which we thank you and them.

  I can see how much there is available to learn at your school and only wish we had more time to gain more knowledge.

  Once again, thank you for everything you have done for us during our stay, and I hope that we can return at some point in the future.

  Thanks, best regards

  Aaron Buttle and Ashton Buttle.

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