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Trevor Laffoon, 25 years old

  Trevor Laffoon, 25 years old

  California, USA

  I spent a total of 8 months at Shengjing Shan studying under Qu Shifu. I have had a few previous experiences with martial arts but none of them were near this level. Qu Shifu is an amazing teacher and knows an endless amount of Kungfu. He is also a walking tank in both sturdiness and explosive, destructive force. He has a great amount of patience and will always be there to help you regardless of what speed you learn and where your starting place is. Shifu also cares a lot about the health of his students and will always be there to help you if you get injured or sick.

  You don’t need to know Chinese to have a great experience here, though it can’t hurt your chances. Qu Shifu knows a fair amount of English and is learning more with every day and every student. Room and board are provided in the program cost so technically you could stay here for a year and not have to spend much more than basic water costs outside of the school payment. There are plenty of outlets for food and entertainment in the nearby villages and towns that require a cheap bus ride to get to.

  One thing I would like to stress if that you need to have the right attitude to thrive here. If you come here expecting to get whipped into shape without putting in a lot of effort you are going to be disappointed. Qu Shifu will help you more if you demonstrate your willingness to learn. On the other hand, he will not help you as often if you demonstrate that you are not willing to try very hard yourself. This experience will be based on the amount of effort you put in.

  It is a small school, so you have the chance of spending a lot of time training with Shifu as opposed to just watching him in front of a large class. He will be there to improve every detail of the style you are learning, and you will learn a lot more Kungfu than you would in a larger school.

  If you are thinking about learning Kungfu then this school is definitely a great choice.

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