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Raúl Allan Gutiérrez USA 39

  From April through August 2019, I had the opportunity to train at Sheng Jing Shan Kung Fu Academy. My focus was Mantis martial arts, Qi Gong, Sanda, and Chinese massage. I will outline some of the numerous, positive aspects from my experience.

  Location: The school is environed by a picturesque, tranquil landscape brimming with history. If photography is your affinity, you’ll have much inspiration. Check out the vista from “the double big rock” and from the adjacent temple’s

  mountain pinnacle.

  As for the weather, do your homework and pack appropriately. If you train in the summer, electrolyte packets are saviors.

  People: The townsfolk are warm and welcoming. Despite the language barrier (my Mandarin is barely passable), the nonverbal communicated where speech didn’t. Smart phone interpreting apps help too. Xiyu Village is a chill community. The fresh fruits & wares sold at its every-5-day farmer’s market are above satisfying. As for nightlife, you must go elsewhere.

  Training: Qu Shifu (Mandarin for “master”) is an exemplary instructor. He takes time with his students and thoroughly explains techniques e.g. how a form’s particular movement applies to a real-life situation. Furthermore, for any students willing to put in extra work, he offers new challenges. For instance, during a Wednesday power training session, he offered the “duck walk,” “frog hop,“ and reverse, incline “bear crawl” exercises as up-levels to those wanting a gnarlier workout. My muscles quivered initially but thrived later.

  In massage class, Master Qu delivered a patient approach to this kinesthetic healing technique. He offered direct feedback and was available for questions. I’m no certified expert but now possess a decent foundation in this modality.

  Food: You will have freshly prepared lunches and dinners. My belly continually departed the meal table happily. Some advice: be brave and buy Chinese spicesuces in town to make delectable meals even better. Breakfast is somewhat simple. Rather than complain, I exercised my due diligence by purchasing oatmeal, dried fruits, and protein powder, thereby catering to my appetite.

  In summary, you must honestly self-inquire if you are willing to abide by Sheng Jing Shan Kung Fu Academy’s tenets. Do you want to live in the country? (Yes, the school possesses WiFi). Are you willing to put in the work to train multiple times a day? Do you mind abiding by set meal times and bedtimes? Can you spend time away from the myriad distractions of the default world? Are you willing to self-examine and look inward?

  Not every person is ready or meant for this. But if you accept this path and the inherent challenges of change, you will emerge from this metaphorical cocoon as a tuned-in, evolved version of your self. That is my experience. What will be yours?

  With unending gratitude to Qu Shifu and the Sheng Jing Shan staff,

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