Martial Arts

Chinese martial arts can be divided rather conveniently into two categories Neijia(内家) and Waijia(外家).
This division serves only to highlight what form of training the style places particular emphasis on.

Chinese kungfu

Tai Chi

The meaning of Taijiquan (taichi) is literally ‘supreme, ultimate’. There are a number of different styles of Taijiquan practiced throughout the world today; however, the five most popular are: Chen, Yang, Wu, Sun and Wu (different). As well as being one of the most effective martial systems in all Read more

Bagua Palm

Bagua Zhang is intrinsically linked to Daoist philosophy and is characterized by its use of a unique style of ‘qi gong’ circle walking. Circle walking, coupled with the coiling and twisting movements of the style, give the skilled practitioner the ability to defend against multiple opponents with seRead more

Chinese kungfu
Chinese kungfu


Shaolin Kung Fu is undeniably one of the most iconic and widely recognised styles of Chinese kungfu. It is said that the Shaolin temple was founded in 495AD, with its original purpose to serve as a Buddhist monastery. The style born out of the temple stems from humble beginnings,initially created in Read more