Are you looking for a Shaolin kung fu school in China that teaches traditional Chinese martial arts and Chinese culture? Our training school atShengjing Mountaincompletes your search.

  Located deep in the mountains of Weihai city, Shandong province, we specialize in the teaching of traditional Chinese Kung Fu and culture to foreign students. Our emphasis subjects includes Shaolin kung fu ,Bagua Zhang,China mantis fist ,Tai Ji,Qi Gong and Sanda. Our Chinese culture lessons are also quite distinctive, includingDaoism,massage, and acupuncture. ShengJing mountain is the birthplace of Taoism (Quan Zhen Religion), our kung fu school offers you every opportunity to learn kung fu in China and widen your field of vision.

  Our dream is to reinvent the meaning of cultural exchange and education, through the daily practice of Chinese martial arts (Chinese Kung Fu) and immersing you in Chinese language, history and culture. All of this will be done in an environment free from the stresses of daily life, in the mountains, surrounded by nature and set next to the idyllic ShengJing Mountain East Flower Daoism Temple.

  Call it what you will; a meditation retreat, Chinese language school or even fight camp, for learning Kung fu in China, our academy can be all things to all people.

  We believe martial arts training not only makes your body stronger but also brings your heart and your mind to a higher level.

  For more information about what we do here, then please feel free to continue exploring our website or contact us via our "Application Page". You also can log in to facebook and youtube to find more of our school's photos and videos.

  Shifu Qu

  headmaster of Shengjing Shan Traditional KungFu School